Fitting Room 360°

TrueVUE Fitting Room 360° solution maximizes value in the most important conversion area in the store with data-driven customer insights that help influence buying decisions. This RFID-enabled solution monitors merchandise entering and exiting the fitting room to uncover insights in five key dimensions: customer engagement, merchandising, operations, loss prevention and staffing.
The TrueVUE Fitting Room 360° Dashboard combines shopper traffic, real-time inventory and point-of-sale (POS) sales data to reveal data on shoppers and their interaction with merchandise, as well as:

  • Enable marketing as well as cross/up-selling items based on merchandise brought into fitting room. Suggestions are displayed on a mounted tablet or LCD touchscreen display.
  • Allow two-way communication between customer and sales associate, e.g. “bring me this sweater, but in size large and color yellow.”
  • Support loss prevention efforts with ability to track items entering fitting room, but not in inventory and never sold.
  • Enable merchandise intelligence for fit, quality or style issues, e.g. items brought into fitting room but never purchased, items consistently exchanged for a smaller or larger size, etc.
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